About us

We have a lot to thank the region for. We want to give a lot back to it.

About us

We have a lot to thank the region for. We want to give a lot back to it.

In the summer of 2019, an entrepreneur from Berlin set out in search of a place of rest and refuge outside the big city. For relaxation for himself and his family.
 His name: Daniel Haver. His destination: the Uckermark. Like so many who come here, he fell in love at first sight. Halfway through the journey, the landscape changed, becoming more undulating, more lush, more and more beautiful. The family then actually found an old blacksmith’s yard, which is now their second home – renovated in a way that preserves its substance and is environmentally friendly.

What made the region so special was not only its beauty, but also the absence of city noise. Only a few people lived here, not many tourists came by. Great for anyone looking for peace and quiet. A threat however to the existence of the place, which offered increasingly fewer prospects.

It quickly became clear to Daniel Haver that this region, which is struggling with low wages, an ageing population and rural exodus, could do so much more. His mission was to help revitalize such places, create infrastructure and offer something for locals, newcomers and tourists alike. And he had the momentum on his side.

Driven by the pandemic, rural life and working from home became increasingly popular. In addition, the sale of his company gave Daniel Haver all the freedom and resources he needed to turn his dreams into reality.

In 2021, Daniel Haver founded the non-profit company UMBRUCH Gemeinwohl gGmbH, which is based in Boitzenburg, Uckermark. In 2023, he formed the UMBRUCH Gruppe and in the same year acquired the former “Wirtshaus zur Klostermühle” in Boitzenburg, the nucleus for the vision of the KLOSTERPARK Boitzenburg.


For the common good.

The UMBRUCH Gruppe is a company oriented towards the common good. We have set ourselves the goal of contributing to the sustainable development of the Uckermark region with entrepreneurial means. In addition to providing financial support for important social, infrastructural and nature conservation initiatives, we want to use our own flagship projects to provide decisive impetus for preserving one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Europe and protecting its enormous biodiversity and outstanding cultural monuments.

For new perspectives.

The activities of the UMBRUCH Gruppe open up new perspectives for locals, visitors and newcomers. In this way, we are counteracting the ongoing rural exodus and ageing of society in one of the most sparsely populated districts in Germany. With projects such as the Boitzenburg Monastery Park, we combine tourist, cultural, conservation and social aspects to offer citizens and tourists alike attractive and enriching opportunities in the Uckermark.

For a strong democracy.

The UMBRUCH Gruppe is not committed to any political party. However, we are committed to strengthening democracy and take a clear stance against all political and social forces that oppose freedom and the foundations of a liberal, open and tolerant society.

Therefore UMBRUCH.

We do.

The UMBRUCH Gruppe’s own projects for the sustainable development of the Uckermark region.

We support.

Social and charitable organizations at regional and international level.

To the projects

Our team. We stand for UMBRUCH.

Daniel Haver

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

One of the things Daniel Haver appreciates so much about the Uckermark today is its tranquillity. Because in the past decades, his life has been anything but quiet. His love of music, electronic sounds and club culture brought him to Berlin Kreuzberg in 1997. There he was one of the founders of the company Native Instruments. As its CEO, he developed the company into the world market leader for virtual musical instruments with over 500 employees at 7 locations and an extensive product range of software and hardware for music producers and DJs.

After almost a quarter of a century at the helm of Native Instruments, the time for change had come in 2021 and Daniel Haver switched to a pure shareholder role as part of a company sale. In the same year, he founded UMBRUCH Gemeinwohl gGmbH and has since expanded it into a small group of companies. Since then – alongside his family – the Uckermark has set the tone in his life.


Susanne Czerkas

Management assistant, project manager

The coordination and management of all UMBRUCH projects is in the best hands with Susanne Czerkas. She is the first point of contact and assistant to the management. She brings with her to Boitzenburger Land a master’s degree in business administration, professional experience in project management and a great passion for working for the common good. This is why she is so valuable not only for the UMBRUCH Gruppe, but for the entire region.


So much is possible in this region. If we work together.

Do you have any questions?

Our FAQs provide many answers. You are also welcome to contact us directly. We welcome any dialog on the future of the Uckermark.