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Frequently asked questions

Does the UMBRUCH Gruppe work purely for the common good?

Our primary interest is the promotion of the Uckermark region and here in particular Boitzenburger Land, and we also support a number of international development projects. The common good is the motivation, meaning and purpose behind all activities and investments of the UMBRUCH Gruppe.

How will the citizens of the Uckermark benefit from the projects?

The UMBRUCH Gruppe is investing directly in the expansion of the regional infrastructure and creating new jobs both directly and indirectly, particularly in the tourism sector. The cultural offering will be open to all citizens, in some cases at reduced rates. In addition, we will create places and events that will facilitate and promote interaction.

Are further projects in the pipeline?

The current focus of our regional activities is on the completion of Klosterparks Boitzenburg. However, it is the express corporate goal of the UMBRUCH Gruppe to initiate and promote other projects over time that can strengthen the Uckermark region.

How are monument protection and the municipality involved?

With everything we plan and implement in the Uckermark, we want to preserve and develop the original character of the region. That’s why we inform the local authority and the conservation authorities early on, comprehensively and transparently, so that a constructive and cooperative exchange can take place.

Are there any vacancies within the UMBRUCH Gruppe?

Our team is currently complete. When the construction work around the beer garden is completed, i.e. in 2026 at the earliest, the first jobs in catering will be advertised. With the opening of the Klosterschänke including vacation apartments, i.e. 2027 at the earliest, further jobs in the catering and hotel industry will follow. We will publish these vacancies or opportunities for volunteer work on our website and announce them via other media.

What can I do to get support for my project?

There are currently no plans to invest in additional projects. However, we hope to be able to offer further support in the future and will provide information about this online. So it’s worth taking a look at our website from time to time.

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