Welcome to the KLOSTERPARK Boitzenburg


Welcome to the KLOSTERPARK Boitzenburg

This place has made history.
Now we turn to the next chapter.


The area around the monastery ruins is one of the oldest settled areas in Boitzenburg. The former mill is now a museum and the former stable was used for many years as the “Wirtshaus zur Klostermühle”. Now this building is being completely renovated and modernized according to all the rules of art and monument protection as well as with a lot of love for the history of the place.

In addition to a large dining room, the Klosterschänke will also house an event and club room as well as seven vacation apartments on the top floor. The restaurant, a beer garden and open spaces will once again make the Klosterschänke a popular meeting place for residents and a new attraction for tourists.

The more the Klosterschänke develops, the more curiously our eyes and thoughts wander over the entire area. We discover new potential behind every old wall. In consultation with the municipality, we are planning the future of the Klostermühle and the use of the meadow and stage for events and festivities.

We can hardly wait to turn the site into a new place of longing far beyond the Boitzenburg region as a monastery park.

The KLOSTERPARK Boitzenburg. More than the sum of its parts.


We are developing the area around the monastery mill as a holistic concept in order to exploit the potential of this special place. We call it the “KLOSTERPARK Boitzenburg”.

The old “Wirtshaus zur Klostermühle” becomes the new Klosterschänke. With a large dining room, event and club room, beer garden and seven vacation apartments on the top floor.
The old monastery mill is now used as a museum. We would like to enhance this historic centerpiece of the area with a café or a regional store.
The monastery ruins testify to the cultural and historical value of the area.
The festival meadow offers the ideal conditions as an event venue and meeting place for residents and visitors to the region.

Step by step. Brick by brick. We for the region.

Spring 2027

After almost four years, we have reached the destination of our dreams: The “Klosterschänke” with restaurant, event rooms and vacation apartments opens its doors.

Spring 2026

We welcome the first guests to the opening of the “Klostergarten”. Welcome to one of the most beautiful beer gardens in the region.

Spring 2025

We start with the construction work. Our visions take shape for the first time.

Fall 2024

All plans are ready, all questions answered, all specifications taken into account. We are ready and submit the building application.

Spring 2024

We finalize the concept, the construction drawings and the building specifications in consultation with the monument protection authority.

April 2024.

Together with the architects and the monument protection authority, we assess the substance of the Klosterschänke.

December 2023 to February 2024.

The complete dismantling of interior elements such as floors, suspended ceilings and heating provides insights behind the facade.

September 2023.

We are presenting the concept of the Klosterschänke to the public for the first time on Brandenburg Building Culture Day 2023.

May 2023.

The municipal council approves the sale of the Klosterschänke to UMBRUCH Gruppe GmbH.

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